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Katlin Stinespring is a public relations senior from Hurricane, W.Va. This summer she is studying abroad in the United Kingdom while interning at the London-based sports PR and marketing firm, Totally Sporty. Katlin Stinespring Since this is her first time traveling abroad, she is excited to experience a new culture and share those adventures with you.

As a student in the WVU P.I. Reed School of Journalism, Stinespring has completed several internships related to her career goals in public relations for higher education, sports and politics. These professional experiences include WVU’s offices of Undergraduate Student Recruitment and New Student Orientation, United States Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and the West Virginia State Legislature. Stinespring previously reported for The Charleston Gazette, The Putnam Standard and The Daily Athenaeum. She has also created multimedia for the School of Journalism’s Buy Local Initiative in Ritchie County, W.Va.

Stinespring looks forward to working with the primarily web-based Totally Sporty and the opportunity to expand upon social media and digital marketing skills learned at the School of Journalism. She is excited to promote all types of sports and athletic events to not only “Londoners” but individuals across the world.

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12 Jul

Communication restrictions

Authored By Katlin | July 12th, 2011

The major dilemma I have faced throughout the study abroad programme is the concept of communication. Within my academic major and future career field, the constant communication of up-to-date and correct information is the centre of every action taken.

While in London, that has not been the case.

Hindered by incredibly expensive pre-paid phones, internet limited by time, megabyte usage and general operations as well as the push to be isolated from United States-based interaction in order to properly experience a new culture, I have faced a real oxymoron between communicating and not communicating that has proved to be an entertaining challenge and concept to ponder this summer.

While the media junky in me is desires to be constant contact, I’ve found the break from regular internet access and phone-based communication to be a welcoming relaxation from my typical pace and actions in the states. While this goes against everything I learn both professionally and in the classroom, I have chosen to use my limited media access for academic and professional purposes far more often than for social instances.

I have grown to not constantly check my phone for a missed call or text because I have learned not to find anything in return and accept that as the temporary norm. In fact, my mobile phone is rarely used as anything more than a clock. After almost a month without frequently conversing and texting, I realise that there isn’t any harm in the break and that I actually welcome it. However, I know I will be looking forward to having that convenience of regular communication back in the States as our time in the UK draws to a close.

1 Pam Stinespring | Jul 13 at 8:27 pm

Hi Katlin! I am in total agreement from a very selfish point of view about the communication aspect of you being in London. As your mom, I have always enjoyed the freedom we have of communicating in several ways many times a day. This has probably been the hardest part for me of not just being able to text or call you about the most mundane things like we normally do. However, I am staying positive in knowing that the Katlin Countdown is getting closer and closer.



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